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Friday, January 29, 2010

Drawing Heaven

This video made me shush any whining and complaining going on in my head so I could look at things BIGGER!  

It's a tiny glimpse into the incomprehensible capacity and power of God. 


Amanda said...

Whoa! I am amazed...my hubby came over to see what I was watching and was equally amazed.

We've been talking to our kids about foreordination and the talents we developed as spirit children. When you see a 4 year old who can sketch as this girl did, there's no way you can deny that we existed before arriving here.

Unknown said...

I love you, Crash, and I completely agree with Amanda; foreordination and the accompanying gifts are real and quantifiable.

And far be it from me to take anything away from this video. But there is a lot of credible evidence that this girl is a fraud. Her mother is a painter, they won't let anyone watch the girl paint, they rarely open the gallery where her art is sold - there is even some question as to the girl's real age.

The family claims that there is videographic proof that she's the real deal - recordings of her painting start-to-finish - but they're all considered "confidential", and the family won't release them except to people like Oprah who are already prepared to believe what the family claims.

Frankly, I hope she's what she says she is. We're all inspired by such obvious demonstrations of the exceptional abilities some are born with.

April said...

Absolutely beautiful.