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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear American Hero

My daughter just asked me to read this letter she wrote for her debate class. It's so beautiful I had to share:

Dear American Hero:

The marvelous things you do to keep me free amaze me every single day. This year in history we learned about the Revolution, the Civil War, and now we are learning about World War I. I was surprised to learn how many people died for our freedom and how many people have died to sustain it. I am so grateful that men like you are willing to put your life on the line to protect our country’s freedom. I know sometimes war can be disastrous and people wonder why we have a military, but I think that it’s incredibly brave and courageous for any man to stand up for his county. Without the military our country would be scared all the time that we could be bombed at any moment, but you provide security in the minds of every citizen.

This year I made it on my high school’s varsity soccer team as a ninth grader. It’s a huge responsibility but I love the sport and so it drives me to do better. This relates to you serving in our military. Even though it hurts sometimes, especially around the holidays, you love our beloved country so much that you are willing to work hard to sustain it. And in the end, all the pain that you have endured will be okay because you know that you have done a great service. Sometimes when I’m out of breath, almost ready to give up, I think of all the things I am grateful for and it motivates me to keep going, because I am very fortunate to live in this great nation. I know I am lucky to be able to live in a country with such a great military that are filled with people like you, dedicated to the cause and ready to fight for it.

Christmas is almost here and I can’t wait to eat some good old wholesome turkey. I know if you have a family, or a loved one here in the States, the holidays must be one of the hardest time’s because you can’t spend your time with them, but I think that it also has got to be one of the most blessed times to be military. First of all, you are what everyone is thinking about even more during the holidays. Every one begins to realize how lucky they are to have you out there serving them. Millions of people begin to think about all the services you have given them in there head. I know it’s hard anyway, but I want you to know that I am truly grateful for the wonderful things you have done for me, my family, and most importantly the United States of America.

Most Sincerely:

Tatum Frampton